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The Philippines Article 6 Registry

Asset Development

We help businesses measure exactly what they emit, using this as the baseline. Once the baseline is agreed, we work to reduce emissions through internal programmes and external projects allowing our clients to benefit from increased Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), reduced supply chain and commercial risk coupled with a new revenue from the Environmental Markets.

Carbon Accounting

Environmental markets are rapidly evolving and must scale to meet the growing demand for climate action. By increasing transparency through next generation infrastructure, knowledge, standards, methodology, monitoring, risk management and funding.


Maharlika Carbon is reimagining what the environmental markets can mean for climate action. We endeavour to build trust through innovative funding, products, solutions and relationships.

Improve your Environmental Footprint

If you have existing or future projects which you would like to get certified so you can register and claim the carbon credits then Maharlika Carbon can assist you in locating and obtaining the most appropriate industry certification from within our network of globally recognized project validation and certification partners.

If you are looking to build your own environmental project industry standard Maharlika Carbon can also assist you in the development process for The Philippines environmental project industry standard for generation of validated and certified carbon credits.

Assistance with Environmental Project Certification Solutions

Maharlika Carbon can assist your organization design, develop and implement environmental and carbon neutral generating projects in the Philippines in order to assist your goals of achieving Net Zero carbon emissions. We can also assist your organization locate and match your Net Zero goals and objectives with existing projects in our pipeline, as well as within our local network so that you can either collaborate directly or work towards an off take agreement for the carbon credits of future and/or existing environmental projects in the Philippines.

Through our extensive network of industry associates and partner organizations we have an extensive project pipeline, as well as well renowned industry experts to help guide you through the environmental project process to make your goals of achieving Net Zero in The Philippines effective and efficient.

Environmental Project Consulting & Strategic Planning

Getting Started

We can provide either one-off advice to move you forward, or long-term support to guide you all the way. We are unique in providing an end-to-end service, backed by our breadth and depth of capability across the whole Environmental & Carbon Market and will walk with you from initial advice through to delivery and implementation.

Foundational knowledge of the Philippine’s Environmental & Carbon market is essential. It creates a shared understanding within an organisation and allows for an aligned future. Understanding how the Philippine’s carbon market was formed and the key pieces of legislation is a nuanced process. Fundamental elements include: the major sources of demand and supply, market projection, methods of access and potential future changes. With knowledge and engagement, we see our clients develop effective strategies and quickly identify right-fit opportunities.


Knowing the options that are available is important. It means you can pursue the ones that make sense and be confident that you understand why others don’t work in your particular circumstances. The options are extensive and cover different targets, markets, methodologies and procurement. Maharlika uses a powerful combination of our leading analytics and market expertise to present clear and concise analysis, guiding you throughout.

Options & Analysis

Failing to implement a well thought through strategy may undermine the success and good will of an Environmental and Carbon abatement/removal commitment. Maharlika has experience with a range of different organisations across multiple sectors, each with their own value drivers. We will always develop a strategy specific to individual needs. We understand what's required on the ground and guide the strategy to make sure it can be easily operationalised to maximise value.

Actionable Strategies

We share the journey with you, all the way to completion. We never shy away from a challenge, but are realistic with what is possible, helping you to understand the risks and outcomes along the way. These are projects that span 7 - 20 years, and we will always help you to see what’s coming, illuminating your journey.

Tailored Implementations

One of the most crucial aspects of any environmental project is the access to appropriate financing to support the project from its inception right through to its ongoing maintenance.


Through our global network of partners and industry networks Maharlika Carbon can assist your environmental project obtain appropriate financial support and instruments, along with providing the unique ability of assisting your project obtain the financial benefits of certified carbon credits registered and accounted for in The Philippines on the Maharlika Carbon Registry.


There are many new and innovative ways to finance environmental projects, as well as many large corporations, Banking Institutions, NGOs and government agencies looking to assist in the financing of new and innovative environmental projects to help them achieve both their own CSR and Net Zero objectives by 2030 and 2050 respectively.

Assistance with Environmental Project Finance

Maharlika Carbon operates a meta-registry in the Philippines which is fully Article 6 compliant. Maharlika Carbon can register your environmental projects validated and certified carbon projects in the Philippines through our article 6 compliant meta registry, meaning that your projects carbon credits can stay in the Philippines and do not have to go off-shore to be registered.


Maharlika Carbon currently operates the only article 6 compliant meta-registry in The Philippines.


Registration of Environmental Projects and Carbon Credits

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