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The Philippines Article 6 Registry

Kana Registry

Kana Registry is a critical element in the Article 6 framework of the UN Paris Climate Agreement and is key to Aust Carbon's operations. This registry is designed to meticulously track and manage the issuance, transfer, and retirement of Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs), ensuring transparency and integrity in the global carbon market.
Aust Carbon's Kana Registry places it at the vanguard of international climate action, enabling the secure and verifiable exchange of carbon credits and environmental assets. This technology is vital for upholding a robust and credible carbon accounting system, essential for nations and organizations committed to fulfilling their climate obligations under the Paris Agreement. Kana Registry is not merely a compliance tool; it's a strategic component in the global endeavor to combat climate change and promote sustainable development.

Kana Earth’s offering enables both the supply side of the Nature Based Solutions market via Kana Hub, and the demand side of the Natural Capital market via Kana Seed.

Kana Hub helps to digitalise, enable and scale the supply of high-integrity environmental and carbon sequestration projects, offering farmers, project developers, landowners, verifiers and codes a platform to manage projects, make them investable (both Natural Capital and Regenerative Agriculture Credits) market them to investors and offtakers, and collaborate seamlessly with all parties.


Kana Hub opens these Regenerative Nature Based Solutions up to large-scale investment through its integration with Kana Seed.


Kana Seed offers asset and investment managers a platform to frictionlessly manage Natural Capital investment, regenerative farming and land portfolios, which will rapidly increase domestic and international capital flows into these invaluable projects and scale carbon sequestration and Regenerative Agriculture Credits.

Key features of Aust Carbon’s Kana Earth Nature-Based Solutions platform include:

Enabling a Diverse Market

Kana Earth’s NatureScriptTM technology enables frictionless roll-out of new project types and scientific methodologies onto the platform. This flexible template generator means that new or existing guidance can be adapted and rolled out to project developers and verifiers instantly.

Cutting–Edge Technology

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Kana Earth ensures the efficient monitoring, verification, and reporting of carbon-related activities. This transparency enhances accountability and allows participants to track the impact of their sustainability efforts accurately.

Collaborative Platform

Kana Earth’s Infrastructure serves as a dynamic collaborative platform, fostering interaction and understanding between businesses, investors, and environmental stakeholders. The interaction facilitates the exchange of information and value, fostering a vibrant ecosystem dedicated to driving positive environmental change and access to Climate Finance.

Democratisation & Inclusion

Through digitalisation of NBS Methodologies Kana Earth enables anyone in the Philippines to participate in, and benefit from the development of nature based assets, whilst allowing anyone outside of the Philippines to invest in the Natural Capital of the Philippines.

Explore our Article 6 Registry

  • Our Article 6 Environmental Registry - allows ITMO trading and moreover ensures high-value environmental credits. 


  • Our Unique Funding Model - allows you to choose between receiving dividends or environmental credits. 


  • Region-Specific Methodologies - facilitating higher outcomes through methodologies tailored to your region and climate. 

  • All our projects permanently remove carbon, resulting in fewer credit hold-backs. 

  • Experts in all areas of environmental sciences. 

  • Integration with Kana Earth's investment portfolio management system means that our Article 6 registry opens doors to investment from asset managers. ​

Kana Registry interface
Kana Registry interface

What is an Article 6 - Environmental Registry?

An Article 6 registry refers to a mechanism established under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, aimed at helping countries achieve their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and increase their ambition in the fight against climate change. This mechanism allows for international cooperation, where countries can transfer internationally transferred mitigation outcomes (ITMOs) between each other. These ITMOs represent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and are used to meet NDCs.

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Purpose of Environmental Markets:

Facilitate Cooperative Approaches

Article 6 promotes voluntary cooperation among countries to achieve climate goals. Through the registry, countries can collaborate on emission reduction projects and trade the resulting ITMOs, contributing to the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Ensure Environmental Integrity

The registry tracks the transfer of ITMOs to prevent double counting of emissions reductions, ensuring that each unit is only used once to achieve NDCs. This transparency is crucial for maintaining the environmental integrity of emission reductions.

Promote Sustainable Development:

Beyond just emission reductions, Article 6 aims to encourage sustainability and climate resilience. Projects under this mechanism can bring additional sustainable development benefits to the host country, such as job creation, biodiversity conservation, and energy security.

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