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Asset Development

Asset Development

Maharlika Carbon assists in the financing, implementation and execution of environmental projects with both social and environmental impact and the creation of carbon credits, renewable energy certificates and plastic credits for use as either Philippine ITMO’s or VCMs for use by our MNC clients as part of their carbon offsetting to meet their Net Zero pledges, or EU carbon requirements at the start of thier supply chain.

Maharlika Carbon can provide your organization with a full suite of carbon registry and consulting services, as well as assisting with on the ground project planning and execution, assistance with environmental project certification solutions, registration of projects and allocation of carbon credits, as well as assistance to source environmental project finance solutions.

With a team of both local and international industry experts to help guide your organization through the whole process from project conceptualization, right through to project registration and allotment of carbon credits, Maharlika Carbon is designed to support all government and private Net Zero objectives in the Philippines.

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Our Registry is based on our commitment to quality and transparency, but also to bring Maharlika buyers as investors in climate projects.


Maharlika Carbon's Environmental Registry works closely with its clients to ensure that every project registered meets the highest standards of social and environmental integrity. By doing so, we build trust and confidence in the environmental markets and help drive investment into projects whilst at the same time protecting the investment by working with the projects to create the transparency, data and intelligence to maximise the investment and social and environmental outcomes.

Maharlika Carbon invites you to register your impactful projects today.


Join a thriving community that shares your commitment to making a difference. We're not just about recognition; we offer strategic collaborations and funding opportunities to further your mission. Let's unite and drive a greener, more sustainable future together.

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