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The Philippines Article 6 Registry

Maharlika Carbon launches Kana Earth as the Premier Nature-Based Solutions & Natural Capital Infrastructure Platform for the Philippines


Maharlika Carbon launches Kana Earth as the Premier Nature-Based Solutions & Natural Capital Infrastructure Platform further operationalising Article 6 Nature-Based Solutions and the Environmental Markets for the Philippines.

Manila, 27th of February 2024 – Maharlika Carbon, an Environmental Markets Venture operationalising Article 6 of The Paris Agreement for the Philippines is launching Kana Earth as its Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and Natural Capital Infrastructure Platform as the next stage in both the Article 6 Registry and scaling of the Philippines ability to sequester carbon on land and in the sea.

Kana Earth’s offering enables both the supply side of the Nature Based Solutions market via Kana Hub, and the demand side of the Natural Capital market via Kana Seed.

  •  Kana Hub helps to digitalise, enable and scale the supply of high-integrity environmental and carbon sequestration projects, offering farmers, project developers, landowners, verifiers and codes a platform to manage projects, make them investable (both Natural Capital and Regenerative Agriculture Credits) market them to investors and offtakers, and collaborate seamlessly with all parties. Kana Hub opens these Regenerative Nature Based Solutions up to large-scale investment through its integration with Kana Seed.

  •  Kana Seed offers asset and investment managers a platform to frictionlessly manage Natural Capital investment, regenerative farming and land portfolios, which will rapidly increase domestic and international capital flows into these invaluable projects and scale carbon sequestration and Regenerative Agriculture Credits.

This Environmental Infrastructure, deployed at the country level marks the latest technology milestone in Maharlika Carbon’s commitment to operationalising Article 6 and building an Environmental Market by enabling a sustainable environmental, social and economic future for communities that depend on the land and sea across the Philippines.

As a visionary natural capital infrastructure, Kana Earth recognizes the urgent need for comprehensive and innovative approaches to combat climate change and to make natural capital an accessible, efficient asset class. In alignment with this mission, Kana Earth continues to streamline over 50% of the Nature Based Solutions in the United Kingdom, along with enabling Natural Capital as an investable asset class.

Nature-Based Solutions, encompassing a range of strategies leveraging the power of nature to address climate-related challenges, have gained prominence as essential tools in the fight against global warming. Kana Earth, part of Maharlika Carbon technology stack, will empower farmers, landowners, project developers, businesses, banks and sovereigns in the Philippines to seamlessly integrate nature-based solutions into their food security and decarbonisation strategies. Alongside this, the infrastructure will allow domestic and international investors in Natural Capital access to this new asset class in the Philippines.

Key features of Maharlika Carbon’s Kana Earth Nature-Based Solutions and Natural Capital Infrastructure platform for the Philippines include:

  •  Enabling a Diverse Market: Kana Earth’s NatureScriptTM technology enables frictionless roll-out of new project types and scientific methodologies onto the platform. This flexible template generator means that new or existing guidance can be adapted and rolled out to project developers and verifiers instantly.

  •  Cutting-Edge Technology: Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Kana Earth ensures the efficient monitoring, verification, and reporting of carbon-related activities. This transparency enhances accountability and allows participants to track the impact of their sustainability efforts accurately.

  •  Collaborative Platform: Kana Earth’s Infrastructure serves as a dynamic collaborative platform, fostering interaction and understanding between businesses, investors, and environmental stakeholders. The interaction facilitates the exchange of information and value, fostering a vibrant ecosystem dedicated to driving positive environmental change and access to Climate Finance.

  •  Democratisation and Inclusion: Through digitalisation of NBS Methodologies Kana Earth enables anyone in the Philippines to participate in, and benefit from the development of nature based assets, whilst allowing anyone outside of the Philippines to invest in the Natural Capital of the Philippines.

In a statement, Gary Llanes expressed enthusiasm for the pivotal role Kana Earth is poised to play in Maharlika Carbon's NBS journey: "We are thrilled to launch Kana Earth as the Nature-Based Solution Infrastructure for the Philippines. This technology evolution underscores our unwavering commitment to facilitating meaningful change in the Philippines' fight against climate change and generate investment into our Natural Capital. Through Kana Earth, Maharlika Carbon aims to empower businesses and investors to not only decarbonise through regenerating nature, but actively contribute to the restoration and preservation of our country and to the economic inclusion of its people."

Kana Earth CEO and Co-founder Andy Creak said: “Our launch in the Philippines is an exciting step in the journey to Natural Capital. We see this as a brilliant opportunity to create a vibrant, high-integrity carbon market in the Philippines’, helping to restore and protect diverse natural habitats and boost the domestic economy.”

About Kana Earth:

Kana Earth is a leading provider of natural capital infrastructure, committed to scaling Nature-based Solutions and helping the world to reach net zero. Their technology empowers both the supply and the demand side of nature markets and offers them a platform to collaborate in the fight against climate change.

For more information about Kana Earth's Nature-Based Solutions platform, please visit

About Maharlika Carbon Technologies Inc:

At Maharlika Carbon, our mission is to catalyse transformative change in the Philippines through the operationalisation of the Environmental Markets under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Maharlika Carbon and our partners are dedicated to building and operating cutting-edge Climate Technology, Environmental Infrastructure, Standards, Methodologies and Funding Mechanism fostering a sustainable and resilient future across the Philippines.

For more information about how our Nature Infrastructure, please visit

Media Contact:

Catherine Limbo

Managing Director


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